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Packing Tips: Episode One--General Packing

Happy Packing!
Happy Packing!

Nine Tips:

Frequently Asked Packing Questions


1)      Packing seems incredibly overwhelming! How can I reduce stress around this part of my move?


Planning Ahead

Moving can be a seemingly daunting event. However, by starting your packing a month or so ahead of time you will only need to pack two or three cartons a day in order to have anywhere from 60 to 90+ cartons by the time moving day arrives.  The trick to not getting overwhelmed is to start as early as possible and by splitting packing into multiple small projects.


Remember, you can also take advantage of Charles River Mover’s packing services. We can provide packing materials or complete the entire packing process for you prior to your move. Check out our packing services for more information.



2)      Where should I begin packing in my house?


The Basement and Attic

Two good places to begin packing are in the basement and the attic.  The contents of these storage areas are seldom used and would not interfere with your daily life if they were packed ahead of time.


3)      Should I wait to pack any area in particular?


The Kitchen

Definitely save the kitchen for last. We live in the kitchen.  Most things in this room are used on a daily basis and if packed too far in advance they could cause unnecessary inconveniences for you.


4)      Is there one packing method you recommend the most?



One the best ways you can help yourself in the packing and unpacking process is to pack room by room.  When your boxes are being brought into your new home, you will be surprisingly thankful that the entire contents of a carton are all from the same room.  This way each carton can be placed into the appropriate room when they are being carried in by our expert movers.  For that reason, it helps to NOT combine the articles from various rooms into one carton.  It is best to do all the packing in one room before moving on to the next one.

5)      What size cartons should I use?


Heavy Object = Small Carton    

Medium Object = Medium Carton

Light Object = Large Carton

Small, heavy articles, such as books, records, canned goods, small hand tools, etc., should be packed in small cartons; larger not-so-heavy items should be packed into medium sized cartons; very light-weight articles, such as blankets, pillows, toys, clothing, etc., are to be 
packed in the largest cartons.



6)      Why do I need to fill up each carton all the way?


To Avoid Damage

To avoid crushing, all cartons should be filled-up as full as you can pack them.  If you feel a carton is getting too heavy or you don’t want to pack anything more into a carton that is not full, and then stuff wrapping paper to fill up the remaining space before sealing it.


7)      Is there anything that I should NOT be packing?


Hazardous Materials.

Do not pack anything flammable or explosive.  Never pack gasoline, kerosene, paint thinner or solvents, open cans of paint or aerosol spray cans (aerosol spray cans will explode in too much heat).


8)      My dresser is full—can I keep my belongings in it for the move? 


Yes, but only soft or light objects.

By all means, pack in dresser draws.  However, pack only soft or light items, such as clothing, blankets, etc.  Remove anything heavy or 
breakable from the draws and pack them into cartons. Do not pack draws with too much weight as this could potentially cause damage to the dresser while on the truck.


9)      It is hot! Any Do’s or Do Not’s for packing in warm weather?


Pack the Attic Early

If your move will be taking place during the hottest time of the year, it is best to pack the attic first.  Many attics become unbearably warm during the afternoon so try packing there as early in the day as possible while it is still cool.



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