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Packing Tips: Episode Four--Tough Corners; Pantries and Storage Closets



Pantries often contain breakable articles, such as large ceramics, glasses, china, serving platters and other items. Following the same rules as were outlined in Episode Two: Fragile Items, these objects should all be carefully wrapped and placed into the same cartons as dishes and breakables.


Here’s a weight chart cheat-sheet for you just in case you have yet to check out Episode One, General Packing Tips, of our series!


Heavy Object = Small Carton

Medium-weight Object = Medium Carton

Light Object (most) = Large Carton

Spice, Liquid, and Food Containers:


Seal Securely

Put a strip of tape over the tops of bottles to fasten them safely; run a strip of tape over the top of spice cans; tape cereal boxes shut, and run a strip of tape around the lid of canisters, securing them tightly.


Storage Closets:


Most goods in storage closets can be packed into a medium-sized carton.


Pots and Pans

These should be lined with wrapping paper (like glasses) and nested one inside the other whenever possible. Then pots and pans should be wrapped to protect against scratching and denting before being packed into a carton.

Small Appliances

Mixmasters, blenders, toasters, food processors, etc., should be wrapped if several will be packed into a single carton.  However, if a piece is going into an individual carton, simply fill the space around it with wadded-up wrapping paper.



Feel free to call Charles River Movers at 781-899-6683 for a free estimate or moving tips today and happy packing this holiday season!

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    At the point when the dishes are altogether encased, turn the entire package over and, utilizing a couple more sheets of wrapping paper rehash the corner-wrapping process with three more sheets of paper. At the point when this is done, your dishes will be doubly-wrapped.

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    Pantry moths are a nightmare. You really need to remove everything from the pantry, clean all surfaces well and spray bug spray anywhere you can that won't cause direct contact with food. While letting the bug spray dry and air out, you need to closely inspect and clean every single item you want to put back in the pantry. Pests can and will invade the cardboard layers of the outer packaging, and even chew right through to the inner packaging. They will lay eggs everywhere they go. As someone else mentioned, remove items like flour, cake mixes, pasta noodles-stuff like that-and store in air-tight plastic containers or zip-lock bags.

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    A pantry is a little room or storage room where nourishment supplies (that don't should be in the refrigerator), table cloth and so forth can be put away. A larder is comparable - in spite of the fact that it was by and large an icy room in years passed by and was utilized to keep things cool before individuals had refrigerators.

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    Pantries provide necessary storage in your kitchen, but these simple spaces often turn into overstuffed, disorganized messes. This leads to frustration and overbuying, as we purchase items we don't know we already have buried under twelve bags of powdered sugar and potato chips. Simple rows of shelves, particularly in deep pantries, don't provide enough organization, but storage bins are an easy solution.

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