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Tis the Season for Snow! Winter Moving Tips

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!
Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Moving into a new home or commercial location can be a wish-come-true for the holidays!


However, weather conditions can interfere with the ease of your move. So how can you make your winter move go more smoothly than a sleigh ride to grandma’s? Here are three helpful tips:


1) Clear snow-covered pathways to and from the house

Basements, front doors, and back doors should be cleared of snow for better ease and safety while we transport your belongings to and from our vehicles. De-icing these pathways before movers arrive is a necessity that saves time and money by expediting the start of your move.


3) Reduce mess at entryways with a mat

Place a mat, extra piece of carpet, or taped down cardboard at entryways assists with reducing the amount of ice melt, snow, and slush that may be tracked into your house. This will not only assist our expert movers who must wear boots as a safety precaution while moving your belongings, but will sharply cut down on the amount of clean up necessary post-move.


3) Plan for transporting house plants

For proper protection from the cold and other winter elements, plants need a warm, and sometimes large, vehicle to move from your current location in the winter months. Either plan on making multiple trips for a numerous amount of plants, or use a large vehicle, such as a van, for bulkier indoor shrubbery and trees.


Feel free to call Charles River Movers at 781-899-6683 for a free estimate or moving tips today and happy moving this holiday season!



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