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Charles River Movers

Waltham, MA
Waltham, MA

Charles River Movers has been operating out of our Waltham offices for the past several years at two different locations, both in the heart of the city near downtown. Initially, our first warehouse was on Elm Street, right next to the Commuter Rail. Although it did get a bit noisy here, this location had many benefits. Best of all was that we even had our own abandoned train car for extra storage space. After some sprucing up, this warehouse would serve as our headquarters for 2 years. We installed our first video security cameras here and worked hard to make our new home better, but it wasn't to last for long.


In 2010 Charles River Movers made its most recent transition to Felton Street in Waltham, just a few streets down and across the tracks from our old warehouse on Elm Street. This is our largest and safest location yet, fully equipped with an array of security cameras and better protected from the severe climates changes we experience here in Massachusetts. Our impressive new home even has a garage big enough to bring our largest moving trucks inside to attend to the occasional repairs and repainting. As we settle into our new home we will continue to look for better opportunities to serve our customers, such as offering addition storage locations and ensuring that we can speedily arrive at your homes and provide the best moving experience possible.


We thank all our returning customers for their continued support and hope to meet many more of you soon!