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Boston Marathon Victims Aid

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Our Dear Friends,


Due to the tragic events that occurred April 15th, 2013 at the Boston Marathon all our lives will be forever changed. We send our condolences and prayers out to all of the victims and families afflicted by the Marathon Bombing, as well as our deep gratitude to all the police, fire, medical and other first responders that rushed on scene, risking their lives, to offer their help.


In an effort to show our concern and support during this troubled time, Charles River Movers will donate our services to all victims of the bombing.


Additionally, we are offering a special discount to all moving services rendered to first responders from the Marathon Bombing. It is our great hope that we can aid in the recovery process and enable our wonderful citizens to return to a safe and happy life and a bright future. Please contact us for more detail on exactly how we can help you during this crisis.



Joe Troy

Owner, Charles River Movers

Please Contact Us and tell us exactly how we can help!

Boston Marathon Bombing Coupon
Boston Marathon Coupon